Tuesday, April 13, 2010

all dressed up

Sunday mornings come around and sometimes I feel like that's the only day I can get everyone dressed and ready and looking cute. So you know what that means...pictures!

I totally remember my mom always wanting to take pictures of all of us kids on Sundays and this look on Payton's face in the picture above reminds of how I always felt when she wanted to take yet another photo. Haha! Cracks me up that now I'm the mama that's always harassing my family for yet another photo. One day they'll thank me! (...right?)

Anyways, the girls dresses are from Target, I picked them up while we were in Montana in February. Oh, what will I do when my kids won't let me dress them in matching outfits and put bows in their hair?

That will be a sad day.

But for now, bows and matching dresses it is!


P.S. Thanks for all the comments on my last post! It seems I'm not the only Sarah Richardson lover...I'll have to post more home decor stuff, that was fun!


Starr Mercer said...

Awww, the girls look so cute in their yellow dresses. I bought the exact same one for our daughter Scarlett and she's been begging to wear it...just trying to hold off till the weather warms up. :)

Steve and Alli said...

Too cute! I love matching dresses, it's so fun! Also, are those matching earrings??? However do you get them to stay in their ears- Kalea pulls hers out after about 5 seconds of wearing them now :(

Talia said...

Allison...earrings aren't matching, but they do keep them in! they're at the age now that they love to constantly switch their earrings according to their outfits. haha!

a beautiful life said...

how do you get your girls' hair so pretty all curled like that?

love the dresses and the smiles! so precious.

The Heavenor's said...

Super cute!!! I was going to ask if your Mom made those cute dresses, but then I saw there from target, man I wish we had one of those here! Love how cute your girl look and are!

Mandi Buchanan said...

I love their hair! How do you do that? Great pictures!

Kim said...

cute sisters :)