Thursday, April 15, 2010

i've been given strict instructions... come up with a grocery list and meal plan for this next week. Blah.

It's been one of those weeks that we've been making do and eating whatever...tonight's menu is hotdogs and french fries. Yes, it's time to go grocery shopping. (and this is just the beginning of a very loooong shopping list!)

Hope I'm not the only one who has weeks like this! Oh, and for anyone who's interested, I got these cute shopping lists from Dollarama.

Happy eating!

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Amelia said...

I'm having one of those weeks too! Tonight was frozen ready-made popcorn shrimp and tater tots, last night was frozen ready-made Bertolli shrimp and penne, but on Monday I did make a delish boneless leg of lamb roast, and had lamb panini the next night.