Sunday, April 18, 2010

just because

Sunday night.

Kids are sleeping.

House is clean.

Air conditioning is on. (yay for warm weather!)

Sharing these photos just because.

Because they make me happy.

Because they look cute.

Because I love them so.



The Heavenor's said...

So cute, very Vogue! haha, I love the one of Gabbi in the top right corner, shes got the model look down pack!

Gale said...

Seriously wish we were close to you and could have you take pictures for us. You are so talented. You girls are adorable!

Bobbi-Jo said...

i just love all of the different expressions! Priceless! Isn't it an awesome feeling to have such utter peace and contentment? Love it!

niki said...

awww - look at my cutie little nieces!! wubs.

me said...

cutie girls. love the 'blue steel' look that gabby is giving! awesome!
xo, Jody

ps. can't believe there was a snowstorm one week and you needed the a/c the next week. only in alberta!

Nancy said...

beacause they look soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Love these girlies!! So pretty :)

Lindsay Bateman said...

love the photos!

p.s. would you ever offer a mini tutorial on how you make your collages? they are gorgeous!

lindsey loo said...

they make me happy too :)