Wednesday, April 21, 2010

baby steps

Look what Kherington was up to yesterday! She decided it was time to walk...and now she's taken off!

Payton ran up to me yesterday afternoon and told me (very excitedly) that KK was indeed, out I ran to catch her in action. It was so exciting and so cute. The girls and I just laughed and cheered her on as she figured out (finally!) how to do this walking thing. I am so proud of my little babe! I'm glad she's so tiny...walking or not, she's still my baby!

It was an exciting day.

(Oh, and doesn't her hair look fabulous?)


leslie s said...

Yay, KK!! So cute and exciting. I always love it when kids are learning to walk - their faces just light up with joy.

I have to tell you when I watched the video I just about died...I thought I was listening to myself talk. I even played it for my hubby and had him listen to the video to see if he could remember when this was (pretending it was old video of me). I just had to see if I was imagining things. When I told him (showed him) it wasn't me he could hardly believe it. We sound a lot alike.

Amanda said...

So so cute!!!! Love your blog and also the baby album class on Big Picture. My baby girl is 10 months and is little like KK. I think she is going to take off and walk soon too and for now we are just watching carefully as she climbs onto absolutely everything. Your girls are adorable.
Amanda :-)

Jamie said...

She is too cute!

niki said...

awww - look at her! SO adorable!

COLLEEN said...

She is so cute - so proud of her ! Thank you 4 sharing your memories with us - I enjoyed ! happy day !

Kim said...

Yaa!! KK!!! That is so great :) Look how long her hair super cute!

laurel said...

I love how proud she looks. She can't hide that cute little smile. Hooray for her!

Anonymous said...

so stinking cute! i love the video - like she's surprised she's actually doing it! adorable. three girls on the move!!! fun fun fun. xo, jody

Anonymous said...

Everything is perfect! Loved the blog!

Lane Edwards said...

My husband and I had such a giggle at this video, her wipeout is so hilarious and adorable. She is so full of personality!

Morgan is starting to stand on her own more and more, so I'm thinking walking isn't too far away! Eeeeeeeee. Your girls are gorgeous Tal.

Love Keltie's new pics too, gorgeous work! She's such a stunner, its crazy.