Monday, April 26, 2010

me & him

We've been together for 9 years. Nine.

Last Tuesday was our anniversary and we promised eachother no gifts. But when Graham got home from work, he came with these.

(And, okay I admit it...I was kind of expecting the flowers. I knew Graham wouldn't let an anniversary come and go without flowers!)

But I was NOT expecting these.

Oh, my hubby knows me so well. Yes, ladies...he went to Anthropologie and picked these out all by himself. How awesome is he?

Actually, it was really cute...we went to Earl's for dinner so I could have my favorite salad (the Santa Fe chicken die for!) and he left the table to make a "phone call"...and back he came with a cute little box and these pretties inside. I was honestly so surprised! Then I surprised him with him a card (I know, how lame am I...I get flowers and necklaces and he gets a card...but he was happy! I had made a really big deal of how I didn't even get him a card!). Anyways, we laughed and laughed at our little surprises for eachother...our anniversary honestly crept up on us out of nowhere, so it was these simple gestures that just made it so much fun.

Love you love you love you babe. This past (almost) decade has been the best.

T xoxoxo


Lindsay Bateman said...

adorable post, beautiful photo and fabulous gifts! :)

happy anniversary! wishing you many my favorite saying goes:
"may the best day of your past be the worst day of your future!"

me said...

aaah, gray. points for him! you two are the cutest. happy anniversary. xo, jodes

Jamie said...

Ahhh... You 2 are so cute! Happy Anniversary!!

Kim said...

I kept meaning to wish you a happy anniversary!! Fun things from your sweet hubby :)

Steve and Alli said...

How can I teach my husband that "no gifts"= thoughtful little something? LOL Happy Anniversary- I cannot believe it's been that long, I still remember your wedding SO WELL!

niki said...

Happy Anniversary hun!! live the necklaces and flowers...good job gray!

lindsey loo said...

happy anniversary!! that is so tender :)

Lane Edwards said...

Hey Tal,

LOVE your latest post. The necklaces are gorgeous, I can't even go into Anthroplogie without a drooling hankie-haha, its so my weakness. Your blog actually inspired me to start my own! I am just loving it. Check it out at-
I'm not sure if u remember me, but we went to highschool together. I'm good friends with Christy Morgan and Julianna. Looking forward to your next post!

Ciao bella,


ps. happy anniversary

diane said...

Happy anniversary Talia... B-lated!
What a sweet and thoughtful hubby you have... here's to many more wonderful years for the two of you!

Starr Mercer said...

Congrats on your (almost) decade together!

Anne Thompson said...

Happy 9 years! We have our 9th anniversary coming up in Nov! The necklaces are gorgeous : ) And I LOVE the sata fe chicken salad from Earls, I HAVE to get it everytime we go!