Monday, August 23, 2010


A whole month without blogging. What the heck? I know, I has been crazy, let me tell ya! We spent 3 weeks in Montana at the lake with family and had sooooo much fun. Payton and Gabby have become pro-swimmers (with their life-jackets on, heehee!) and I managed to get a tan for the first time since I've had kids. So it was good. Oh, and there were trips to Target, that really just made the whole vacation fabulous. Haha!!

Anyways, now we are home and actually in a home! We moved into our new house on Saturday so I am surrounded by boxes and chaos, but it is all good. I am very excited to be here and get settled'll take some time, but that's okay. We have beds to sleep in, TV's to watch, food to eat...we're set!

I wish I could share more, but for now, here's a quick picture of the girls with there cutie-cousins, Molly and Harry. We always have these grandiose ideas of getting the kids all dressed up and doing a photoshoot and then it always turns out to be nothing but a gong show. Haha!! All the kiddos here are laughing at Nana, and I caught this one right before my memory card ran out of room.

A fun little summer memory.

Be back soon (I hope).

Tal xo


Maurita said...

OK, luv the photos. Missing you this summer :)so once you get the house, unpacked,kids fed, life semi-organized give me a call....we need to get caught up. xoxox to you, the girlz and that cute brother of mine!!

niki said...

look at that sweet picture!! both the kids ask about the girls everyday. can't wait to see you all again...soon!

jessica said...'re back! I missed your fun blog! good luck moving in....just finished my house. it feels nice!

Kim said...

Gabbs and Harry kind of look alike in this pic. Super cutie kids :) Glad you're back...we just still need to catch up sometime. xox