Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the summer re-cap.

Well tomorrow's September 1st and the first day of school, so I thought I should do a quick little re-cap of our summer. It was such a good summer. I can hardly believe that it's already over and tomorrow we are back to normal, with my oldest going to into grade one...but that is a post that will be coming soon. (wink)

Let's enjoy summer for just a few more minutes, shall we? This summer we...

1.Moved out of our house 2.We had afternoon picnic's in our temporary backyard at Nana's 3.We took some cute pictures 4.We made yummy cookies 5.We went to Fort Edmonton Park 6.We celebrated this 'lil cutie's 4th birthday 7.We drove to Montana... 8.And made our annual stop at the Temple (and then DQ after that for some ice cream!) 9.We played with our cousins at the cabin 10.And then played in the tube 11.We swung in the hammock on hot summer evenings... 12.And enjoyed the sunsets on the lake 13.We played with more cousins whom we don't see nearly enough of 14.Then we swam... 15.And swam some more. 16.Then we made our way back home and moved into our new house...and remembered all the fun things we did together. If only these short months could last forever.

Goodbye, Summer.


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Tracey said...

Lovely shot Talia. x