Wednesday, September 01, 2010

she's in grade one.

So, today was the big day.

Payton had her first day of grade one. And she loved it. She was just so happy and excited and ready to GO. Can't you tell?

I am just so in love and so proud of this little girl. She is growing up so fast! Last night was spent getting her all polished up and ready for today...and I knew it would happen and I totally broke down before bedtime when I was hugging her goodnight. The tears came and I couldn't stop...I literally replayed her little life in my mind, and I was desperate for her to be a baby again so I could just cuddle and hold her forever. I felt so bad 'cause she started crying 'cause I was crying and then we were all laughing 'cause we were all crying...anyways...I think I will always want my kids to stop growing up, but it doesn't mean that I'm not excited for each and every thing they accomplish and do. Today was an awesome day and a new beginning for Payton.

The school year has officially begun.



jessica said...

what a cutie!!

Steve and Alli said...

Oh *tear! I can't believe she's in grade one either, and what a little model! She's so cute, I am sure she is going to love her new routine :D

Nancy said...

She's soooooooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

that is so crazy that payton is going to grade one. i remember the first time i met payton after ryan & i got back from our trip. she was just the cutest little baby around. that doesn't feel that long ago. she's still the cutest girl around. love these pictures of her. at first i thought - where the heck did they take these? i don't remember stone and green siding. then i remembered you got a new house!!! ha ha. lots of love to the big grade one girl! xo, jody

niki said...

awww - so cute. molly got all sad looking at this picture cuase she wants to be there with her. give her big hugs from her cousin,k?? we love you payton!

Kim said...

love that little grade oner of yours...she's super cute!! xox