Monday, September 06, 2010

bike ridin'...

Okay, in an attempt to blog more often, I thought I'd share these pictures of the girls riding their bikes one evening last week. Payton is now riding her two-wheeler all on her own, so that is a very big deal in our house these days! Gabby thought that she was ready, too, but after a half hour of daddy basically pushing her around...the training wheels went back on. We convinced her that it was much more fun to go super-fast then to have daddy holding her up. Lucky for us, she was okay with that!

And KK was just plain cute...running after the girls, thinkin' she's just like them but having no clue she wasn't on a bike of her own. Next year, sweetie.

It was a fun little September evening with the fam.


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Kim said...

Fun times!! Cute girls!! What could be better??!! xox