Thursday, September 09, 2010

gabby's first day!

On Wednesday, it was back to school for this lil' cutie, too. She was sooooo cute and sooooo excited to get back to playschool. This year she gets to go for 3 mornings a week, so she is feeling very much like a "big girl". And let me tell ya, for a little sister that has to watch her big sister go to school everyday, her first day of school was a very big day, indeed.

(she picked out her own outfit...)

And once we got to school, this little bug wasn't going to be left out! No way, man!

Gettin' ready for some messy fun...

...and just plain old happy to back.

We are slowly to adjusting to the "new normal" that is school, schedules, bedtimes and lessons. I am liking it and not liking it...we really needed some routine and structure after a crazy summer and moving homes, but I sure do miss our lazy days! Ah, well.

My kids are happy and that's all that matters.



BUB said...

Looks like the playschool got a facelift! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

yay for gabs! looks like 4 year old heaven! kk is too cute cruisin around too. love it. xo, jods

Anonymous said...

what is the stuff she's sprinkling into the shave cream?