Monday, September 13, 2010

project 365...whew

Holy cow...after being 3 months behind, I've finally gotten caught up on my Project 365 blog. So go on over and take a peek!

I have to admit, I was almost ready to throw in the towel with this over the summer. I got so caught up in all the crazy stuff going in our life that I just kind of...gave up. I totally had days of taking no pictures. And lots of pictures were taken with my point and shoot that just make me cringe when I look at them. I've had to fill in pictures here and there for days that I missed...but they are still our memories, no matter what day they were taken on. After all was said and done, I decided it was worth it to keep it up. Our simple memories are far more important than the quality of the photos. So keep that in mind when you're browsing through my pics. (wink)

Now let's just hope I don't get 3 months behind again. (heehee)

Tal xo


Kim said...

oh cute! looks like you guys had a fun summer :)

niki said...

LOVE all the fun pictures...the girls are very missed around here!