Tuesday, February 01, 2011

a year in the life | 2011

So it's up, running, and ready to go.

My 2011 "365 blog".

This year I am calling it "A Year in the Life".

Come and take a peek and join me in this crazy journey we call life. I'm so excited to see what 2011 has in store! Hope you like the new blog, I had fun working on it today...it pretty much consumed my day, so I'm glad it's done, heehee!




Rachel said...

I love it! I decided I'm going to bite the bullet and try it this year too. I've now caught up for the year...we'll see how long I last, LOL!
By the way...CONGRATULATIONS on finding out you're having a boy! How exciting. :)

.raw potatoes. said...

Love your blog and Love your idea to do A Year in the Life... adorable!!


Katy said...

Just stumbled onto your blog! Love your photos, love your decorating, scrapbook pages - everything!

I am loving the Project Life kit - just loving it. But I have a question actually about pillows...the pillows that you show in your post about the Picture Wall (which I LOVE!) that are red and orange - can you tell me where you got those?? They look familiar like I've seen them somewhere, but can't remember where.Love them! And if you don't remember or they are completely discontinued, please box yours up and send them to pleaseandthankyou. ;)

Natalie said...


I spent an hour this afternoon looking through your old blog posts and want to thank you for sharing your life, beautiful family and creativity with us. I was looking for inspriration for my baby girls 1st birthday (our first baby!) and I found it with your adorable banners. So thank you for sharing - I feel inspired! =) And can't wait to start planning her banner.

Blessings, Natalie

Oh and so I don't sound like a total blog-stalker, I found your blog awhile back through Bobbi's blog and just recently got up the courage to actually start commenting on blogs that I like to read. =)