Tuesday, March 08, 2011

still here

Although it seems like I have dropped off the face of the planet, I am in fact, still here. See, that's the trouble with blogging...once you get out of the habit, it can be very hard to get started again!! Sure I am busy...but when it comes to the ole' blog, I've been more stuck on what to blog about, rather than not having the time.

Soooo...with all that being said, I thought I'd just do a quick little update as to what the heck has been going on around here.

Valentine's Day was lots of fun. The girls were thrilled to make and receive valentine's from their friends, and we kept busy at home with lots of crafts, baking and cupcake decorating. We even finished off the night by telling eachother things we loved about each person. It was wonderful. :)

I am so ready for Spring. January and February just seemed to drag on forever...anyone else? I am happy that it's March and that we are finally at the end of this winter season. I can't wait for some warmer weather!

We've been finishing our basement and it's almost done...and that includes my scrapbook room! I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to get my room all set up and unpacked. I have missed creating and playing like you wouldn't believe...it is so time for me to get crafty again.

And along with my room in the basement comes the kids play area as well. They already have all their toys down there, and after a few more finishing touches we'll get everything all organized and cute and ready to play with. When we moved in I didn't think it would be a big deal at all to not have a basement, but man, have I missed that space!! It will be soooo nice when it's all done!

As for the rest of my house, we've kind of been waiting on the basement being done to get everything else done and decorated. Most of my home decor has been packed away down there, so it'll be fun to get it all out and find a home for everything. It's about time!!

I'm still pregnant. (heehee) I am almost 30 weeks, so we're just getting closer and closer to meeting our little boy. It's still hard to believe that we're actually having a boy, but I am soooo excited. I can't wait to meet him and hold him and snuggle him...I love newborns. (sigh) While being pregnant is not my favorite thing, I am so grateful that all has gone smoothly and I know how lucky I am. I tell myself this daily as the pounds keep adding up and up and up!

I haven't decided yet on what exactly I'm doing for KK and the baby's room, but we have managed to collect a lot of baby boy clothes. It has been so much fun shopping for a boy! I've done the girl thing 3 times (plus, I still get to buy for them!), so I've had no issues at all with shopping in the boys section. A nice change!

This past weekend my hubby and I went on a little getaway to Montana, just us. It was soooo needed and soooo nice! My mom watched the girls and we were so grateful. There's something about having a couple days on your own with no schedule and no one to take care of that gives you the energy you need to keep going. We shopped, ate, napped, went to movies and ate some more. It was fabulous. And when it was all done I was itching to get home and see the girls...funny how that works. :)

So as you can see, life has been plugging away as normal. We are good, happy, busy, content. I can't wait to share more as I get my scrapbook room finished and get going on some more creative projects. Stay tuned!!!



Kim said...

glad you guys had a nice break from the kiddies! Won't be long until that cute little boy will be here!! Crazy!! Boy stuff is fun...and way cuter than it used to be :)

Sarah said...

Wow! A boy! That is awesome! And I want to see pics of your finished basement to see how wonderfully you organized it.

Rachel said...

Yes, January and February dragged for me too. Being pregnant and having 24/7 nausea STILL makes every day just crawl so slowly. That's great you're almost 30 weeks! I'm halfway between weeks 27 and 28 at the moment. I can't wait to be done...not liking pregnancy, but also very grateful to be pregnant, so I can't complain too much! :)

Anonymous said...

so just spent like an hour going through your 365 and i have to say you amaze me!!! everything was just lovely!-Emily (a random follower)