Friday, April 15, 2011


Now onto my #2...Gabriella Mae.

(click on collage to see larger)

Once again, where oh, where to begin with this little munchkin? Gabby is now 4 and a half years old and is a little firecracker to say the least. Oh, don't let those cute looks fool ya! She is our stinker, but we sure do love her to bits. This little one has a mind of her own and usually wants to do things HER way...but she makes up for it by equally sweet (when she is in the mood...heehee!).

Gabby looooooves to be cuddled and loved, and she loves to cuddle us in return! She could honestly sit in my arms all day if I would let her...she is very content being held. She's learning her alphabet and still has cute ways of pronouncing words...I don't have the heart to correct her most of the time 'cause it's just too darn cute. Being in the middle 'aint always easy...but she sure does love her sisters. She looks up to Payton so much and looks after KK like any good big sister does. She loves dancing, riding her bike, getting "boy toys" from McDonald's, playing with flashlights and her latest obsession is Disney's "Tangled." She is funny, sweet, silly and LOUD...we're still trying to teach her what "whispering" is, haha! She melts our hearts when she says the sweetest little prayers every night before bedtime on her own...she never forgets to thank Heavenly Father "for her family and that the baby will come out of mommy's tummy soon." She has been such a blessing to me during this pregnancy...I have been soooo tired in the afternoons, and she is honestly AMAZING when Kherington goes down for her naps. She knows that it is "quiet time" and just plays and entertains herself all afternoon long...allowing me to rest, too! (wink) I have been so very such a young age, she has managed to be very patient with her mama.

She is our perfect mix of sweet and sassy. While she definitely keeps us on our toes, she is always the first person to say "I love you"....and she says it alot.

We love you, too, crazy girl.



me said...

oh gabby gabs. she just oozes spunk, this girlie! love her to bits. xo, jodes

Lindsay Bateman said...

she is soooooo gorgeous!!! love those pics! btw,do you just use photoshop to make your collages?

niki said...

she's so cute! harry lit up when i showed him this...can't wait to see you guys!