Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am back. I am attempting to blog. I promised more pictures of the kids from last weekend, so here I am! As you can see I recently gave my blog a little was long overdue and much needed, I just couldn't decide what to do so I was always putting it off. Anyways, I may still tweak a few things here and there, but I'm happy with it...I just needed to simplify, clean and freshen things up a bit! As part of my "makeover" I've been going through old posts and labelling them to make navigating and finding posts on certain subjects a bit easier...for you and for myself! (if you look on the sidebar near the bottom, you'll see a "labels" section where you can click on different subjects) As I was going through old posts, I realized how much I looooove the simple and personal posts about my children. This blog serves many purposes for's fun, it's a creative outlet, it's a way to share photography, scrapbooking, decorating and DIY ideas...but for me, most importantly, it's a record and a journal. I am so grateful for all that I have recorded over the last few years...big things and little things alike. So, with baby coming in about in a month, I thought it would be fitting to do a separate post on each of my girlies as big changes are about to come in our little family.

So, here we go.

Payton Isabella.
(click collage to see larger)

Here is my gorgeous girl at 6 years old. There are so many things to say about her, where do I even begin? Payton has grown up soooo much in the past little while! While she is still a little girl who loves to play with her dolls, she has become so responsible and such a good helper to me. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without her! With all of my kids still being in car seats, she is the only one who can get in and out of the car totally on her own, she can be dropped off at school without needing to be walked to her door and she can actually help me with Kherington and little things that need to be done here and there. The other day we went through the drive-thru for supper, and parked the car to pass out the food...Payton was right there for me passing the girls their drinks and meals, talking in her little mothering voice...I was honestly so grateful. It seems like such a simple act, but the fact that I didn't have to get out of the car and do it just meant alot to me. (remember...I'm 8 and a half months pregnant!)

She has learned so much in grade 1 this year...she is already reading chapter books and is so bright. She's taking piano from her auntie, and I am honestly amazed at how quickly and easily she has picked it up! I hope she sticks with of my biggest regrets is quitting the piano, so I am determined that one of my kids will play! Heehee! She is our one child who actually listens to us and obeys us...heehee! And feels bad if she thinks she's done something wrong...the other ones aren't quite there yet! (wink) Oh, and she's my perfect little model when it comes to taking pictures...I could photograph her forever...always so willing and cooperative!

All around, Payton is just simply a blessing in our family. She is confident, funny, and oh, yes she can be bossy (she IS the oldest, you know...) but we couldn't live without her. I remember being pregnant with her and just LONGING for her. She has most certainly fulfilled and exceeded all of our expectations in a daughter.

Love, love, love you sweetie.



Tiia said...

Beautiful girl and beautiful pictures <3

Anonymous said...

she truly is a beauty. so nice to have such a great helper. this baby is going to be so well looked after! hope you're hanging in there. xo, jody

Sarah Wolsey said...

what a sweet post about your gorgeous little lady :)

Lindsay Bateman said...

i love this idea tal...the pictures are just beautiful. she has always taken my breath away. something about her just sparkles!! what a great gift to give your girls...gorgeous photos as always! :)