Tuesday, July 12, 2011

photo album scrapbooks

If you're anything like me, then you have piles and piles of photos in boxes, waiting to be used. I've recently been unpacking my scrapbook stuff and I couldn't believe the amount of photos I've accumulated over the years....holy cow! I knew I had to something with them, and fast. Today was another rainy day around here, so it was the perfect opportunity for the girls to make their own "photo album scrapbooks" while Kherington and Crew slept. They had so much fun!

We started off with empty 4x6 photo albums (I got these ones at Superstore) and I just spread out a ton of pictures on the table and let the girls use whatever ones they wanted in their albums.

They both spent 2 full hours on these this afternoon! I was so impressed...they carefully put each and every photo in themselves and it was so fun for me to watch them look through the pictures and laugh and remember...it was awesome. Payton decided to embellish hers a little bit with stickers, while Gabby decided to keep hers plain. Whatever they wanted.

And just like that, 200 pictures are now out of a box and in an album, ready to be enjoyed.



BUB said...

That must feel so good! And I know my kids LOVE looking through albums.

Juli P said...

We do that every New Years Eve with our kids. Mine LOVE it! It's a great way to put the extra scrapping photos to use.

Kamry Low said...

whata fun idea! Looks like the girls loved it!

Maren said...

What a great idea! your girls are gorgeous!

jessica said...

perfect! those pictures accumulate so quick! what a good idea for them to do.