Thursday, October 27, 2011

almost Halloween...

Just some snapshots of my little Crewie from earlier this week.

I can't believe he is 5 and a half months old. You are pregnant for so long and then these babies grow up and change so darn quickly!

He is such a good little baby, and as with any new addition you have in your family, we honestly couldn't imagine life without him! He's been sick for a while now with a cold, and then he woke up this morning with a puffy eye, so I think we'll be heading to the doctor's soon...of course this is all happening right before Halloween when we have a crazy weekend ahead of us!

Life has been so busy. So much to blog about, and then week after week just passes me by. Aaaaahhh! I DO have a fun and simple home decor project (thank you, Pinterest!) that I want to share soon, and of course I'll be back with Halloween pictures of the kiddos.

Until then, have a Happy Halloween!!!!

(Gabby's little "pumpkin rock" that she made in Kindergarten)


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Bobbi-Jo said...

That HAIR!! I just can not get over it. He is a stinkin' little doll. And I LOVE the rock pumpkin! So creative!