Sunday, December 18, 2011

payton is 7!!!

Today was Payton's 7th!!! I can't even believe I've been a mom for that long and that this gorgeous little girl is growing up before my eyes. She is our "first" for everything that comes along with children...and she makes learning the ropes of parenthood pretty darn easy and fun! (for the most part...heehee.) We couldn't have been blessed with a more amazing daughter...Payton brightens up our lives in every possible way. From her sensitive heart to her spunky spirit, she just pretty much rocks. We love her oh, so much!!!

We had a little family party for her at home today and she made "Beliebers" out of all of us! Heehee!!!

If you read my blog at all you know I hate making isn't the baking part it's the decorating part...I have no idea how to do it! But my husband informed me that Payton had to have a cake for her party and NOT cupcakes, so this was the best I could do! For a simple little cake I thought it turned out pretty cute and Payton thought it was hilairious...she did a lot of giggling today!

I perfectly remember when Payton came into our lives seven years ago...she was due on Christmas day and I was determined NOT to have a Christmas baby so we were very happy when she came a week early! I just remember being in total heaven that first Christmas with my new baby girl...we have come a long way since then, but in the same breath, she will always be my baby.

Love you love you love you, Paytie-Poo!! Happy 7th Birthday!!!!




me said...

Happy Birthday, Payton! Wow - 7 does sound so grown up! That cake is hilarious, Tal. So fun. Give that birthday girl big hugs from us. xo, Jodes

Anonymous said...

Payton is so gorgeous! Looks like she had an amazing birthday! Happy Birthday Payton and Merry Christmas to you all! :)

niki said...

that cake is awesome. happy birthday sweet girl!!

Steve and Alli said...

Um, basically the best Beiber cake I've ever seen, good job Tal!

Maren said...

What a beautiful little girl! Funny thing is, Jackson's birthday is today, the 19th, but was due the day after Christmas. Bless those babies that come early! It made for a lovely Christmas! Minus all the healing and blah. Haha!