Sunday, January 15, 2012

the simple things

Cuddles with Daddy and Crew. Gabby is our little cuddler. She's always looking for hugs, kisses, cuddles and tickles...and she's always willing to give them, too. xoxox



rebecca said...

this is beyond sweet Talia! :) great capture. thanks for linking up this week, love the excuse to pop by your cute blog and catch up on your family. Are you dying of cold up there??!

Talia said...

Yes, we totally are, Rebecca! This is the first actual cold weather we've had all sucks!!! (heehee)

Maren said...

Very adorable! I love Daddy-kids pics.

jessica said...

Hey Talia, cute pic!

I have a 365 blog if you want another link for your blog! its

I love reading your blog, your kids are adorable!