Monday, January 23, 2012

the simple things

A blessing and a curse.

Kherington is passed the glorious days of regular napping, so when she crashes in the late afternoon, I am always I wake her up and deal with the nasties that will follow, but know that she gets to go to bed early? Or do I let her sleep and enjoy an hour of quiet (she is two, after all!), but then deal with her refusing to go to bed at bedtime???

Either way, seeing her sleeping so peacefully was a simple moment in our home this week. (And for the record, on this day, I did let her sleep...who am I kidding, I probably went to sleep, too. Heehee!)



rebecca said...

too cute Talia! we're dealing with the EXACT thing here at our house. if we're in the car headed anywhere mid afternoon Alivia is out and I'm usually in for a looong night or a bad case of the grumpies when she wakes up. ;) so tricky isn't it!?

me said...

aw, but when the disaster is that cute, it's still easy to love her no matter what! xo, jody

milliemorganmedia said...

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Kim said...

Oh the hate for sure!! hehe!!

Maren said...

I'm with ya! It's hard to wake such a sweet little sleeping beauty! Or in my case (with boys), beasts. ;)