Sunday, June 17, 2012

crew's 1st birthday!

So it was Crew's first birthday....over a month ago. And I am just getting to blogging about it now!! Aaahhh! But what is new, we all know that I'm not as great at the whole blogging thing as I used to be! I love my blog, though, and I love all the memories and stories I've recorded over the I will still plug away, even if my posts are few and far between!

So back to Crewie...our baby is ONE! This first year with him in our family has absolutely flown by, and of course we had to celebrate him in a big way!! I went with a pirate theme, and he was sooooo stinkin' cute!! He did a perfect job at being the centre of attention....oh, how we love our boy!!

I kept the decorations as simple as possible, it really is amazing what you can find at dollar stores and party looks like it was a lot more work than it was! (Although, getting my house clean before a party is always a ton of work...I'm a freak and I think my house needs to be spotless when people are coming over...and then it's messy in 2 seconds and nobody cares anyways!! Heehee!)

Anyways...on to the party!! I made this "one" collage that I seen on Pinterest...I love it, and a month later, we still have it displayed in our living room...I loved going through all of Crew's pictures from his first year...I wanted to use them all!!

The pirate cupcakes...

Lookin' too darn cute...

Okay, seriously...WHY is everybody laughing at me???

Opening presents...the girls were right in there!

And, finally...cupcake time.

He went to town on his cupcake, totally wasted NO time and dug right in!!

...and the aftermath.

As always, we just love this little guy so much!! I ask myself on a daily basis how I ever lived without him...Happy 1st Birthday, Crew!!! xoxoxox



Jordana said...

What a cutie! I love the cupcake eating pictures. And that very hungry caterpillar rocker looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

those cupcake pics are sooo cute. dang he is just a handsome little dude. it's those cheeks and those big eyes - make me want to eat him!! big hugs for the big birthday boy! xo, jodes

Diana Marks said...

soo cute!

Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin? Follow me and I will follow you back with pleasure. Just let me know in the comments ;)

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Maren said...

What a cutie! I love the theme too!! YOu never cease to amaze me!

Julie said...

Hi! I'm a recent blog-fan and am loving reading all your fun posts! There are no words for this birthday it's so cute! :)

BTW, I'm right in the middle of paining my daugthers room gray and it' I can't seem to find the right gray and have bought 10 paint samples. I'm going crazy! Came across the gray you did in the kids room and I'm dying because that's exactly what I want! Would you mind sharing the color, pretty please?


Kimberly @ Seriously Daisies said...

Really cute party!! The picture of him crying in front of the presents made me laugh!! And the cupcake ones are super adorable!! I totally do the cleaning before a party too, and then wonder why I even bothered, especially on the floors, haha!

Anonymous said...

Im so curious-

I have followed your blog for a few years now. Originally due to your amazing scrap booking abilities, then I fell in love with your photography, crafting and overall cuteness!!

So my question is- have you stopped blogging? It's been a while, and I'm hoping the answer is no!

Susanne said...

i'm just wondering if you've stopped blogging? i love your photography, decorating, etc and hope you will post something soon!