Friday, October 12, 2012

new photography blog!!!

I know, I know....where the heck have I been? Life has sure proven to be crazy busy and full! For anyone who still checks this blog out now and then...I'm still alive! Just very busy with my kiddos and all that life brings. I need to do a proper update soon...but for the time being, I wanted to pop in and share my all new photography blog! I am so so excited about much work went into this and it's always a little bit scary to put yourself out there, but what the heck! Here we go.

So please go and check it out at!!!



Annetta Bosakova said...

It looks totally awesome! Love, love how you designed it!

Jamie said...

Love your new photography blog! Wish you were in the States so you could take my family photos!! (thanks for the update here- have been reading your blog for years)! Love your photography style. Congrats.

Abdul Mobin said...

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Justin said...

That's wonderful. Good post.