Saturday, September 17, 2005

9 months old...

Just some random pictures I took of Payton this's getting very hard to take pictures of her lately...she's constantly moving, squirming and on the go! She's so curious and is trying desperately to crawl, but she's not quite there yet. Payton had her 9 month check up yesterday and weighs 16 lbs, 9oz. She's on the small end of the scale for her age, but she's happy and healthy, so that's all that matters!! She's so much fun...she babbles away and loves playing with Maggie. The other day I left her alone in the TV room for a few minutes with some toys, and when I came downstairs, she had knocked over my fake tree, pulled the phone cord out of the wall and was just lying in the middle of the mess, kicking and babbling away! It was so funny...but I'm learning that I REALLY need to keep my eyes on her!! Everyday with her is definately an adventure...I never know what to expect!

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