Friday, September 16, 2005

"good things"

i have so many "good things" in my life...

*an amazing extended family who love and care about me and my little family*

*a group of friends so special and strong, whom i know will always be there*

*a little house that has become my "home"*

*a silly dog that keeps me company and loves me no matter what*

*a city to live in that is far from water, and not prone to natural disasters*

*a knowledge of "who i am" and "where i came from" know that the Gospel is true and that my life is special, and has a meaning and purpose*

*a husband and daughter who bring me more joy than i ever dreamed possible. to have a little being that is a piece of me who loves me unconditionally. to have a husband who accepts me for who i am, and allows me to fail and succeed.*

i have so many "good things" in my life...and this is only a glimpse.

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