Thursday, September 22, 2005

scary times

My older sister Niki lives in Houston with her husband and I just got off the phone with her. It's so crazy what is going on down south right now....makes me feel so lucky to be where I am. But even more so, I'm just worried for her...they're in a situation that they can't many people are trying to leave Houston right now, that there's no gas anywhere and what would usually take 1 hour is taking 9 or 10. And Niki's 5 months pregnant...she can't really be getting in a boiling hot car with little food and water for hours on end. So she and her hubby are prepared...they've been boarding up all the windows in her house, moved everything they could upstairs (they have a big house, so luckily they have room!) and they've been collecting food and water to last them for at least a week or so. The scary thing is, is that once the storm hits, they won't have any power or we won't be able to get in touch with them. They have a cell phone, so they'll try calling it as often as they can. Just scary. I just hope that they'll be okay and that where they are, the storm won't be too destructive. All the houses in their neighborhood are brick...meant to withstand bad weather. So let's just hope and pray everything will be okay. It just makes my life here right now seem so trivial and silly. It'll be weird to just go on with regular life this weekend and have no idea how Niki's doing. It's crazy what is happening these days...just makes me realize that I need to get going on my food storage. Anything could happen at anytime and I just want to know that my family will be prepared. So....just some thoughts I'm having today...

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