Sunday, November 06, 2005

lots to do

Whew...had a busy weekend and now I'm finally sitting down and just chillin' out in front of the TV with my family. We just got back from Red Deer where we were visiting Gray's mom before she heads off to lucky, she gets to go for almost a month! Although, now I am stressed because she is totally ready for Christmas... presents wrapped and everything! (she may even get her decorations out this week so when she gets back in December it's all done.) So I'm feeling like I have soooo much to do. Time to start writing my "lists" and figure out what I'm getting for whom...I love doing that. And I can't wait for Christmas this year...Payton will be so much fun and I get to see my cutie pregnant sister. So fun!! Payton is cracking me up right now, she likes to walk around holding on to furniture...and she just talks and blabs to herself. I wish I knew what she saying!! Anyways, I just have so much to do...but like I said, it's all fun stuff 'cause it's for Christmas. Love this time of year...

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