Tuesday, April 24, 2007

a video and friends...

So I thought I'd share a little video of Gabby crawling...she is so cute. It's so fun that she's finally able to get around on her own. It's a whole new world for her now...she's pulling herself up and is experiencing lots of falls and bumps...ouch. Good thing she's so close to the ground, she doesn't have too far to fall!

As always, this past week has just been so busy. April in general has been a very very very busy month...I'm looking forward to the first week of May where I have nothing on the calendar...and I'm hoping to keep it that way!! Busy is good...I always like to have things on the schedule to get us out and for something to do...but sometimes it's just as nice to stay home. So I'm hoping for some good weather...I want to feel like *spring*!!

Friday was mine and Graham's 6th anniversary...holy cow. 6 years!! I really can't believe it has been that long. We had the BEST evening. We got dressed up and went downtown to an amazing restaurant...the food was sooooo goooood! (and sooooo expensive! Definately a "special occasion" place only.) Gray surprised me with a beautiful neclace and earrings....very anniversary-ish. He is so sweet. It was fun to be out and be together...thanks nana and grandpa for watching the kids!!

Today was such a fun day. It's been a while since I've seen one of my bestest friends, Adria, so I had the girls over today for a little "friends" luncheon (or "party" as Payton and I called it). It was so much fun...I decorated the table and made a simple meal...it's just always great to get together with friends. (I'll share some pictures next week of the table and stuff....so so cute!) I always love getting together with Kim and A 'cause it's no stress for me if my kids are fussy or noisy...they totally get it and don't mind at all. And we managed to get some cute pictures, too!!! Love these girls!! :) :) :)

I'm gearing up for the Urban Convention this weekend...just trying to do some last minute preparations. Maybe I'll see some of you there, I can't wait!
(And just a little reminder...the deadline for this month's challenge at the Goodie Box is this Friday. There's still time to submit a layout if you want to win a super cute prize!)



Anonymous said...

TOO DANG CUTE!!! love seeing Gabbs crawl...it makes me want another one so i can go through that phase again! cutie pics of the girls too, but i think my fav is of gabby and ryker! love ya,

- niki

Kim said...

The party was so much fun! Thanks so much! And cute video of Gabbs! That girl is adorable.

Vivi said...

OMG Talia!! Gaby is so cute!! I loved the video and loved to hear the little sounds that she makes too :) TFS!!

RachelDenbow said...

My little Sebastian has just started crawling, too, and I can't agree with you more how nice it is to have a little more happiness in his world now that he is mobile. I do feel responsible for every new bruise that comes with it, though. Its good for me to remember that it comes with the territory.

Your girls are beautiful!