Friday, March 06, 2009

guess who's coming to town?

Yup, you got it! The one, the only, HEIDI SWAPP!

I am so excited to officially share the news that she's coming! Heidi and I have been talking, emailing and facebooking back and forth over the past few weeks about details, so it's going to be lots of fun. Here's some of the info:

When: Tuesday, April 28th/09 at The Greenwood Inn in Edmonton, AB
Time: All Day (specific times to come soon)
What: A full day of classes with classes with Heidi Swapp
Registration: Open on Monday, March 16th/09 (check Heidi's blog)
Cost: Info available at time of registration

Heidi will be opening registration on Monday, March 16th, so start thinking about it and planning ahead...and more info will be coming then, too! Be sure to check out her blog for updates and I'll keep you updated here as well.

And just for your information: (I know you all probably have alot of questions!)

*Heidi has CHOSEN Edmonton as a place that she wanted to come and teach. How cool is that? She knows there is a strong scrapbooking community here and wanted to come somewhere that she knew would have fun and enthusiastic scrapbookers!

*This is Heidi's "event", or rather "Day of Amazing Classes"! This is not a "Creative Escape" or a "Girls Night Out"...just a day to get down and dirty with her concepts, new products and ideas. You will not want to miss it!

*Yes, she's coming on a Tuesday...remember that Heidi lives in CHINA and has a very very busy schedule when she comes home to the states (and in our case, Canada!). Take some time to look at your schedule and start clearing your Tuesday so you can come! It will be so worth it and lots of fun.

I have known Heidi for a few years now and I can honestly tell you that she is one of the industry's best! Not only is she totally sweet and sincere but she has crazy scrapbooking skillz and ideas and concepts that blow everyone away. She is such an awesome teacher...on the "technique" end as well as the "inspirational end". If you've never had a chance to take a class from her, this is your chance. I would highly recommend it...she rocks!

Like I said, I'll be posting info here as it becomes available. Hopefully I'll see you on the 28th of April!



Lindsay Bateman said...

I knew it! I had read on her blog about a "potential" stop in Edmonton....I am SO FREAKIN excited!!! cannot wait!

icecheeks said...

I think I may die!!!!!! Do you have any ideas about a cost... your best guess??

niki said...

awww - i want to come!!!!!!!

Talia said...

Not positive on the cost yet. If I know before the 16th I'll post it here!

and Nik...
Heidi will be at that "By Design" scrapbook store that you took me to when we were in Houston. You should sign up for her class! That's one of the classes she'll be teaching here, too. The info is in her blog!

chanel said...

wish i could come and help you girls .... have fun putting it all together! you will have lots of fun!
luv chanel

icecheeks said...

Thanks so much!! I'm so excited!!!! Happy Birthday to me!

Anonymous said...

fun, Tal. you are such a crazy woman. You're going to have a what, one month old, and you're booking full on days of activity. i don't know how you do it. when my kids were one month i was still in the newborn stage too (ie. all I did was eat and sleep!). I envy your energy. Can't wait for that new little one to get here already. must must must post pics asap when it does happen or get gray to call ryan or something so we know! sure love you guys. xo, jody

Charin said...

That would be so much fun!!! :) :)
I've always loved Heidi...never met her but love her products :)